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Low Temperature 30‐35ºC (86-95ºF)
Medium Temperature 35-45ºC (95-113ºF)
High temperature 45-55ºC (113-131ºF)
Very high temperature 55-65ºC (131-149ºF)
The current price is considered to be the sum of the variable and fixed-term with taxes (total amount shown on the invoice).

Total price of the installation

Prices were calculated taking into account the data provided in the form. These prices are approximate, non-binding, and VAT-free.


heat pump installation price
heating installation price
Ventilation installation price
Photovoltaic installation price
Total system installation

Annual cost of air-conditioning systems

Heat pump
% Annual Savings


Annual Bill
Annual Savings
% Annual Savings

These are final prices. That is, they include installation, permits, start-up, and legalization of the systems.

Although there are different lines of aid and subsidies for these systems, they have not been included in the price. Receiving this type of aid can reduce the necessary investment. If you wish, Energanova will inform you about the aids you can apply for and process them for you.

Our customers are already saving of energy using the selected systems

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