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The installation of underfloor heating allows the installation of any type of flooring (ceramic, parquet, etc.), although the most recommendable are ceramic tiles because they have a high thermal conductivity.

The main difference is the use they make of solar energy: thermal energy absorbs it and transforms it into heat, whereas photovoltaic energy uses the sun’s energy to transform it into electricity.

Another difference is the way in which these energies can be stored. While photovoltaic energy is stored in batteries, thermal energy is stored in water tanks.

Yes, in general, we can say that it can be installed anywhere. It is only necessary to have a piece of land to make the loop circuit, as long as it is not protected land or a resource used by a spa, hotel, etc.

There are two types of controlled mechanical ventilation with heat recovery:
Ventilation with decentralized heat recovery: It consists of placing a single-insulated system on each exterior wall that takes fresh air from the outside and extracts stale air from the inside, causing a heat exchange between both airflows.
Ventilation with centralized heat recovery: It consists in centralizing the ventilation at a point where the air arrives and leaves to the different rooms of the house through an invisible network of ducts housed in the false ceiling or wall.

It is a renewable energy that harnesses the heat contained in the air, to air-condition our home thanks to a heat pump and thus obtain heating, cooling, and hot water.

Find out how much you can save with a photovoltaic self-consumption system with heat pump.

No initial investment. You will pay for it with the savings generated.